Organic Skincare and natural lifestyle have become the new philosophy in all areas of our lives: organic food, vegan and raw dieting, activity, organic clothing, recycling packaging and natural cosmetics.

We would like to offer you a helping hand in getting all these in one place including some natural skin care tips and so you have more time stress free for you, your friends and your family. Products and organic skin care online products have been carefully selected with a naturally focused mind. We are still working on formulating the best all natural face products that are handmade manufactured by Organic Label LTD in Hertfordshire, England, UK.

Thank you for being part of our organic family!




We are getting bits and pieces ready for your journey, meanwhile, we are launching our magazine focused on our community and soon the English version will be available.

(Organic Label Magazine is bi-lingual and available digital Edition 2, Edition 3


Our first launched product HELP HAIR OIL has already fans and the feedback is amazing!

#hho #HairHelpOil has already been shortlisted a finalist at Free From Skin Awards 2018


We value the quality of our food and our lifestyles, we would go that extra mile to have the best product and service.

We are open to recommendations and new ideas, just to make your shopping experience complete.


We are testing and reviewing new products like face/body gel wash, body lotion, perfumes.