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A cup of tea?

A great philosopher decided to take a long and hard road to meet with a master. He prepared multiple questions to ask and his view on the matters of the world to share.

Finally, he arrives at the old man’s house and begins to ask him his many questions. He shows the master he is certain of many things in this worlds but admits he still needs clarifications and completions.

The old man listens attentively and then offers him a cup of tea: “you might be thirsty after such an effort to reach here and it might calm yourself a bit too.”

The philosopher wonders if coming here was such a good idea after all: “all that trouble for a cup of tea?”

The old man comes with the teapot and starts pouring into the cup. And keeps on pouring until the cup is filled up and runs down the table and threatens to be on the floor soon.

The philosopher is looking more and more doubtfully: “The teacher seems like he’s lost his mind, even though he is famous for his wisdom.”

The master stops and says: “Look, this cup is your mind. It is so full nothing else can be in it. No answer, no new idea. Make some room and then you will find what you seek.”

Each of us keep our tea cup full, in our own ways. With expectations, justifications, complaints, judgments on ourselves and maybe, moreover, on the others.

How should the present moment look like, different than the form it has already taken, so it feels acceptable?

What should we think, say or do for our state to be different than it is?

How should anyone behave so it makes it easy and beneficial for us?

How should the other think and act so we could remain peaceful inside?

Does it really matter?

Instead of thickening the fog which hides our scattered thoughts and the fear of seeing and of showing ourselves to the world as we are, maybe we could re-frame the intention: rather to trust than being right. In us, in the ones we happen to share the present moments with, in the circumstances that are happening for our benefit.

What would that bring?

Space. To exist, discover and welcome more of ourselves.

Space, in which to relax, heal and create.

This article was first published on www.ancarugina.coach.

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